“What Pearson found was that his lack of options created perhaps his best chance at getting mass-distribution. Because all of the watching though torrenting sites and mentioning on Social Media networks has given “The Unbookables” life on IMDB (where the movie is up 11,260 spots this week.) That has caught the eye of a few distributors now talking to Pearson….” Michael Humphrey – Forbes Read more.



“As the title suggests, these aren’t your mainstream comics — the jokes are dirty, sick, and mean. But even if this isn’t your style of comedy (and it’s definitely not meant for everyone), it’s interesting to watch the behind the scenes dirt as it spills on-stage. Visually, the movie is gorgeous, though it never glamorizes the experience. By the end, I found I respected the cast for choosing this brutal world at their own peril. And amazingly enough, I kind of liked them.” Elise Czajkowski – Splitsider Read More



“It is a documentary about comedians so… is it funny at all? Yes, there are quite a few funny moments (and I do wish I’d seen more of the sets), but the real fun is what happens off the stage, so we get to spend a lot of time trainwreck-watching from there. Essentially the film is like getting drunk with your best friends and fucking with them, only your best friends probably aren’t as funny as these comedians are…” Mark Bell – Film Threat Read more.



“The Unbookables Tour is the punk rock version of a comedy tour, founded by Doug Stanhope (an executive producer on the film). The documentary follows the current lineup of James Inman, Andy Andrist, Sean Rouse, Brendon Walsh, Norm Wilkerson, Travis Lipski, Brett Erickson and Kristine Levine on a van tour of Texas, Kansas, and Illinois. Watching the film the first time, my notes include the phrase ‘unequivocally terrible human beings’.” Disinformation Read More



“The first gig is at Nasty’s in Austin, and one of my own University of Texas colleagues gets the narrative rolling by leaving drugs around for Inman to find, like an Easter Egg hunt with negative repercussions. I was at Nasty’s that night, and everyone killed. It was proof of both why these guys are The Unbookables and why they’re such revered comedians…” Roy Christopher – Level Mag  Read more.



“There really needs to be more documentaries that show the living hell and unbridled joy it is to be a stand up comic. The group is a collection of comedians who’s concerns about making the audience laugh are put on the back-burner as they are more interested in raising hell and the ire of the audience with their dark comedy and getting their drink on.” Rev. Ron’s Movie Reviews Read More



“I recently got the chance to sit down and watch the 2010 documentary, The Unbookables. The film follows eight comedians- including James Inman, Andy Andrist, and Sean Rouse- as they tour through and wreak havoc upon the comedy clubs of America’s heartland. While there’s plenty of films that follow essentially the same storyline (life on the road) The Unbookables has a certain realness about it that I found refreshing for this genre…” JD Oldham – Mr. Lee Magazine Read more.